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Please read and familiarize yourself with our salon policies before booking and arriving for your appointment.


Appointment Deposits

All appointments require a deposit before your booking is confirmed. 

Our Lash and Brow Artists come from different areas of the city specifically for your appointment; several take the TTC. A deposit ensures that their trip to the salon is worthwhile.

All late changes/cancellations/no shows will result in your deposit being forfeited and given to the artist for their time.

Fills on Other Lash Artists Work

Foreign Fills are fills that are done on other lash artists (other than The Lash Collective) work. 

Lash Extensions are a highly personalized service that can differ from the products used to the way that they are applied. When taking a client from outside the salon, we will need to assess the application to ensure that it is done in a safe way so that we can match them up and fill them in. If the lash extensions are not properly isolated, or if there are other issues with the application, we will not be able to fill them in. A removal will be required and a new set applied.

All foreign fills are subject to a $20 surcharge to transition to our salon.

Sunday Lash Extensions Services

To pay our Artists' competitively, all Extensions Services on Sundays have a $10 Surcharge.

Canceling and Rescheduling

Once you have booked your appointment, that window of time is reserved for you.

Last minute changes result in appointment gaps in the artists schedule that cannot be filled last minute. As a result, the artist loses income as someone else who would have booked that spot was not able to. 

Please cancel or reschedule at least 36hours before your appointment to keep your deposit.

Cancellations made within the timeframe will have their deposits refunded to their booking credit card. 

Changes made less than 36hours before your appointment will result in your deposit being forfeited.


All No/Show appointments will be charged a $50 fee on top of forfeiting their deposit.

An invoice will be sent and must be paid before any subsequent bookings.

Late and Rushed Appointments

All salon appointments have a finite amount of time allotted to complete a full service.

If you are late, we may not be able to give you a complete set (Lash Extensions), or we may not be able to do your service at all.

Please TEXT US and let us know that you are running late so that we can determine if you can still be accommodated.

Clients who are more than 15min late may have their appointments canceled and deposit forfeited.

A $10 late charge may be applied to your service.

As you have booked your artist for this time, we cannot discount a set if you are unable to stay for the full service time. Rushing a service is discouraged, so our artist will do all that is possible in the requested time frame, but note that you may not have a full set.

The salon cannot be held responsible for your set not lasting as long as it should, if you choose to end your appointment early.

3 Day Guarantee

Lash and Brow services are not one size fits all, and sometimes unexpected results can occur. If you are finding that your Lash Extensions set is not lasting, or any other issue with our Keratin services, please reach out to us at your earliest for us to do our best to rectify the issue. Most of the time we invite you to come back for us to figure out what could have gone wrong and fix it right away. We cannot assist if you do not inform us of any issue within 3 days of your initial visit.

No Refunds

The price of our services include the cost for supplies and our artists labor. 

For that reason, we do not offer refunds for any services received at the salon. 

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