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Lash Extensions

We only offer vegan lashes at The Lash Collective, and we carry J (B), C, CC and D curls in light weights. We offer lengths as long as 19mm, but will only apply extensions that your lashes can safely hold.

All of our salon products are sourced from Canadian suppliers.

The active ingredient in the lash adhesive used is Cyanoacrylate; please do not book if you are allergic. If you have ever had a reaction to a lash extension service, you are not a candidate for lash extensions.


DO NOT pick or pull!

As tempting as it may be to quickly remove that grown out lash, please avoid picking or pulling at your extensions! The extension will come out and take your own lash with it! OUCH! 

If it’s really bothering you, contact us and we will assist in removing the stray in the safest way. Emergency appointments are always available so don’t take the chance, and come in for a quick service. 

Makeup: Oil and Alcohol Free Products ONLY

Oil and Alcohol will weaken the lash bond, so please avoid it in your eye makeup products.

When using a liner, powder or liquid are ok. 


Absolutely NO mascara on Hybrid or Volume lash sets.

Cleanse and Brush Regularly

Clean lashes are happy lashes!!! 

It’s important to practice good hygiene and clean your lashes. 

Gently bathe your lashes and rinse dry. Do not rub lashes aggressively, or with a cloth. 

Brush lashes to keep them detangled. 

Note: Care should be taken to cleanse the lash line thoroughly after receiving any PMU treatment to the eye area, especially after applying moisturizing ointment; the ointment will cause lash extensions to fall out at an accelerated rate.

Get a fill every 3 weeks

As your natural lashes grow and fall out, so will your extensions. Coming in for regular fills will keep your lashes looking top notch!

Fills start at $80, and can go up depending on how many lashes need to be replaced. The longer you go between fills, the more expensive it will be. 

Depending on your lash growth cycle and daily wear, expect to come in for fills every 3 weeks. 

Data Collection & Privacy Policy

At The Lash Collective, we take the privacy of our users seriously. This Privacy Policy outlines the types of information we collect and how we use and protect that information. By using our online booking services, you agree to the terms of this policy.

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